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Goan gentlemen are super-crazy for Non-Resident Indian women and we always believe in delivering whatever the demand is, no matter how hard it is to fulfill. It took us years to recruit a couple of NRI female escorts in Goa. These chicks are classy, sassy, educated, multilingual, hygienic, high-class, super-elegant, fun-loving, understanding, they all have a very warm intuitive nature and playful sense of humor. 

We know that there are always new ways to improve but our women and our agency are the hottest sensations in the country at the moment. 

We are very critical of our ladies and our girls are very critical of our management. Even though we have the best management and ladies, we like to pin-point each and every shortcoming or fault very frankly to each other.

Our list of female escorts is ever-growing and we owe all our success and motivation to our respective clients.

Our Bambolim Indian female escorts follow a mixture of modern and traditional Indian and Portuguese culture.

We care so much about our clientele that during the demonetization period in November 2016, we were accepting the 500 and 1000 Rupee Bills for your satisfaction and convenience. We accept credit cards, all major currencies, debit cards, PayTMmPesa and several other payment methods. We do not believe in saying “no” as long as it is possible somehow to be of service to you. 

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You have to be really shrewd while choosing an escort agency; we do not have reviews on tripadvisor or some other site of the sort, our clients do not stumble upon us while walking through the market or while speeding on the highway, you have to judge an escort agency by looking at the quality of the website of the agency, the way the telephone operator talks and the gallery. Some agencies use Whatsapp to send the images of the ladies available. We do not use that method as it is very time consuming. Please do not ask us for the images with the faces shown as it is not possible, the agencies that show the faces of their women offer only cheap escorts, a high class woman will never show her face to the world on a website or Whatsapp telling everyone that she is an escort.

We always welcome our clients’ feedback no matter good or bad. We always appreciate our client’s honest feedback more than anything else, you do not have to sound nice after availing the service, please tell us the complete story honestly and we would be thankful to you for telling it as it was. 

If you are a tourist, we guarantee you that you would enjoy your time with our girls so much that you would not want to go back to your home; our ladies are so friendly that once you leave Goa, you will exit with a new friend.

Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi are all on our menu. All our escorts are punctual and seldom arrive late or before time. We still recommend that you make an advanced booking. We truly have discovered how to provide excellent women and great service by experimenting with different methods over the past 25 years. 

There have been many battles for Goa and each of the escort agencies is also fighting a battle with one another except us. We need not fight anyone to make a mark here, for the last 25 years, we have not only survived but we have thrived, we started with only 2 ladies, today we have more than 100 of them. Our future is not in danger like the other agencies in Goa.

Whether you are an athlete, a player, a businessman, an artist, a politician or an heir, you can have fun with our sexy independent escorts in North Goa. You will never hear a babe from our agency asking for a tip.

Our ladies are spread all around Bambolim including Cacra Village, Siridao, Maina, Goa Velha, Miramar, Ribandar.